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11 Year of Experience With Children Swimwear

ACTIVE HOLIDAY is a Czech family run business with more than 11 years of experience in kids swimwear sales. As time went by, we felt strongly that the market lacks good quality swim nappies made of neoprene that would provide kids with maximum comfort.

We knew of problems faced by baby swimming pools operators and swimming schools who very often have to deal with pools polluted by kids feaces. That‘s why we started our own production of swim nappies. We took top quality, certified German neoprene, custom made swim fabric and began making our first swim nappies in 2013.

5 Years of Production

From the very start of our production we have been testing, checking and adjusting our nappies so that we could achieve perfection and make our clients happy. This striving for perfection continues till today and that is why mums, kids and swimming instructors love FOR3DOM.


We are currently supplying our nappies and other swimwear products to swimming clubs and swimming schools across Europe as well as China. We will soon make a dive into the American market as well.

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