Our Customers

Pool Operators, Baby Swimming Schools, Baby Swimming Instructors and Mums

All these people love FOR3DOM Swim Nappy. Kids feel great wearing it. Neoprene protects their body temperature and doesn’t absorb water so babies aren’t dragged down by its weight and can carry on enjoying the splash.

Pool operators especially appreciate the fact that our nappies keep babies’s poo inside which means the water in the pool is not contaminated. Much time and money is thus saved by avoiding cleaning the pool and filters.

Baby swimming schools love FOR3DOM Swim Nappy because it does work plus they can have their own logo printed onto it promoting their own brand and business. Baby swimming instructors promote our nappies because they know they feel great for the kids, don’t limit them in any way and the pool is left clean and dirt free.

Our Customers

Our customer base includes baby swimming instructors, swimming schools and clubs, water parks, as well as baby stores and e-shops from Europe and overseas.

International Partners

Our Swim Nappies are delivered to partners all over the world. China, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia ...

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