Top Class Swim Nappies From German Neoprene

FOR3DOM Swim Nappy is a high-quality neoprene swim nappy with a close-fitting cut and wide hems. Our swim nappy prevents undesirable leaks into water keeping it clean for all users. 1.5 mm thick German neoprene protects babies against fast temperature drop and the differences in temperatures.

Neoprene does not absorb water which means the baby is not dragged down or limited in movement. Hems around waist and thighs are made of swim fabric specifically made to order for us. This material is extremely stretchy, durable, doesn’t wear out or lose colour like ordinary swimwear does. It fits perfectly around babies’ bodies making sure unwanted leakages stay out of the pool. Don’t worry though. While our nappy fits tightly, it is very comfortable.

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About Our Products

Top quality European materials, environment-friendly, your own logo, wide range of colourful designs and combinations

  • Environment friendly

    You can use our swim nappies over and over again. Easy to wash and hard to wear out. When your baby grows out of them, you can pass it on.

  • Your Logo

    Promote your brand or company and have your logo on our swim nappies. You know how important branding is...

  • Firm Seams

    Flatlock seams are maximally esthetic and strong ensuring firm connection of materials as well as more comfortable use.

  • Colourful Hems

    We have a wide range of colourful and patterned hems for everyone to choose from.

  • Quality Materials

    We use top class German neoprene and high quality Czech fabrics.

  • Comfort for Baby

    FOR3DOM Swim Nappy provides insulation and keeps babies warm so they can feel comfortable all the time.

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